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The Plover Spuds on Snow meets monthly on the Third Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at Smiley’s Bar and Grill in Plover. Our meetings are open to all interested.

Snowmobiling in Wisconsin is Wonderful and Fun! In Portage County, we have almost 300 miles of trials to ride on. These trails are made possible through the volunteer efforts of snowmobilers who have organized into clubs to establish and maintain portions of the State Wide Wisconsin Trail System.

The Plover Spuds on Snow is a unique club in that we do not have any trails of our own to maintain. This was primarily because for years, Plover did not have a Snowmobile Club and secondly, the trails that run through Plover were already established and being maintained by neighboring clubs. It is still necessary for Plover to have a Snowmobile Club…of primary concern is insuring we can ride the Village of Plover roads to get to the trails. Equally important is the concerns of local businesses that benefit from snowmobilers and the revenue it generates for them.

Without a Club, There Would Be No Trails…

The Plover Spuds on Snow likes to have fun! We meet monthly to discuss Snowmobiling concerns and to socialize after the meetings. Snow permitting, we go on club rides together, meet for dinner and have an annual Christmas party. Other activities have included a steak feed for fundraising, golf outings and camping together. Our Snowmobile Club has something for everyone!

By belonging to a Snowmobile Club, you are helping to keep the sport as strong as it is by providing good trails while having fun with people who enjoy and understand the fun and fellowship of Snowmobiling! Another added benefit of membership is that members, single or family are covered by a $3000.00 Acidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Benefit.

  • Understanding the FundingA look at how trails are funded, where the money comes from and how it is used.
  • Check out the video below on the making of trails from AWSC.

AWSC Video - The making of trails...


  • Membership Dues are as follows:
    • Family Membership $30.00 (includes A.W.S.C Membership)
    • Individual Membership $20.00 (includes A.W.S.C Membership)
    • Social Membership $10.00 (does not included A.W.S.C Membership)
    • There are also Commercial Sponsorships available for your business, see the Sponsors Page for more information.
  • Printable Membership Application (fill out and return with payment).
  • Online Membership Application via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to use this option).
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